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Go Whole Hog! Or go Half Hog...

Experience the comfort and security of a freezer full of quality meat! Whole and half hog shares are available usually within two to four weeks. Contact us now to reserve yours! If you've never purchased a half or whole animal before, don't worry! We'll help you through considering your options, selecting your cuts, and give you tips on using as much of the animal as possible.

We never use antibiotics, vaccines, or any harsh chemicals anywhere on our farm. Our pigs forage and root on our pastures and in our woods, and are supplemented with local feed ground at a local mill. Every pig we sell has been lovingly born and raised here on our farm. We have cross-bred two heritage breeds, Berkshire and American Guinea Hog, for heartiness, meat quality, and a good fat-to-meat ratio.


Areas We Serve

Our farm is located in Jonesville, North Carolina which is near Elkin in the Northwest part of the state. Although we do not currently ship any products, we can easily work with customers in the Winston-Salem, Statesville, Wilkesboro, and Mt. Airy areas.


Thinking of raising your own piglets? Smart!

If you'd like to raise one of our piglets yourself, give us a call! The best thing you can do with your kitchen scraps is turn them into meat. There was a time when every family had a pig in a pen near the kitchen, and it was considered rude not to ask after the health of their pig when chatting with neighbors and friends. Everyone knew that a healthy pig meant the family would eat well all year long.

Know Your Farmer

Christopher and Deborah are living their dream: using regenerative agricultural practices combined with the almost-lost knowledge from the past to raise animals for meat that have the power to restore health and the soil at the same time. It has been said that the soil is the lungs of the earth, and it's ills are the greatest threat to our planet and human thriving. We are slowly restoring an old tobacco farm with 60 acres, several outbuildings with stone foundations, natural springs, and acres of old-growth forest. It was abused and abandoned for a long time, so we have our work cut out for us.

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